Counsel Portfolio Services is a comprehensive portfolio service company centered on providing investors with a disciplined approach to investing for the long-term. We achieve this in partnership with Advisors. Together, we are dedicated to providing you with a sound intellectual framework to help you make effective long-term investment decisions. We achieve this through the continuous research, selection & monitoring of investment specialists, and by providing solutions that are efficiently diversified and effectively managed. We provide Advisors with innovative practice management tools that enable them to deliver ideal investment solutions. We support Advisors in delivering an outstanding service experience as they help you live your dreams.

We maintain a strict adherence to the concept of independence in money management. We achieve this by exclusively utilizing the strength and expertise of independent investment specialists. Through careful research and due diligence, we take an objective approach to hiring external investment specialists. Our independence gives us the ability to replace a specialist who fails to meet our criteria for their respective investment mandates.

 “To invest successfully over a lifetime does not require stratospheric IQ,
unusual business insight, or inside information.
What’s needed is a sound intellectual framework for decisions and the ability to keep emotions from
corroding that framework.”

warren buffett

Having the discipline to stick to a long-term investment plan is by far the greatest challenge for many investors. Indeed, studies have revealed that over the long term, investors who react emotionally to the markets tend to underperform those who invest using a disciplined investment process. 

Sound Intellectual Framework                        Expertise in Investment Management

Efficient Portfolio Design                                 Independent Evaluation

Greater Investment Flexibility                         Independent Investment Specialists

Rigorous Monitoring                                         Automatic Portfolio Rebalancing

Consolidated Reporting                                   Take Advantage of our Disciplined Process
Mutual funds sponsored by Counsel Portfolio Services Inc. are only qualified for sale in the provinces (except Quebec) and territories of Canada. Please read the fund’s Simplified Prospectus and speak to a Financial Advisor before investing.