Counsel World Managed Portfolio

Counsel World Managed Portfolio is a global asset allocation solution that is designed to maximize investment opportunities while managing risk. It seeks to maximize long-term investment returns through income and capital gains by investing in global debt and equity securities. Through sub-advisor relationships and investments in funds, this portfolio has tapped the talents of top investment management firms. The assets of this portfolio are actively managed among stocks, bonds, real estate and cash.

Key Features of Counsel World Managed Portfolio

  • Professionally managed and monitored by leading investment specialists.
  • Expected to provide long-term returns through income and capital gains.
  • Effective diversification by geographic region, investment style, market capitalization and asset class.
  • Flexibility to maximize opportunities and mitigate risk by shifting asset allocations.

View the Counsel World Managed Portfolio At-a-Glance Profile for a overview of the investment solution. 

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Mutual funds sponsored by Counsel Portfolio Services Inc. are only qualified for sale in the provinces (except Quebec) and territories of Canada. Please read the fund’s Simplified Prospectus and speak to a Financial Advisor before investing.