Counsel Portfolio Components

Counsel Portfolio Components offers a selection of investments in specific sectors, market capitalization, geographic areas, asset classes and investment styles. You can work with your Advisor to build your own diversified portfolio of investments based on your preference for exposure to different markets, your individual tolerance for risk and your expectation for returns.

The benefits of Counsel Portfolio Components

  • Freedom to select suitable weights for your preferred asset class or geographic market exposure
  • Flexibility to rebalance the asset class weights at regular intervals  

Independent Investment Specialists

We believe strongly in the concept of objective independence in money management. As such, we do not have any in-house investment specialists. Instead, we research a wide universe of potential candidates to select ideal specialists for each investment solution. Investment specialists are selected based on an analysis of their track record, expertise in a particular asset class or geographic region, investment style and risk management strategies.

Mutual funds sponsored by Counsel Portfolio Services Inc. are only qualified for sale in the provinces (except Quebec) and territories of Canada. Please read the fund’s Simplified Prospectus and speak to a Financial Advisor before investing.