Counsel Strategic Portfolios

Counsel Strategic Portfolios offers a wide array of investment solutions that are efficiently allocated across asset classes and geographic markets using a pension-like approach. They combine the value and growth investment styles to optimize the trade-off between risk and reward, and maximize potential returns. Regardless of what an investor’s long-term financial goals may be, there is a Counsel portfolio solution that is designed to meet their investment needs.

Independent Evaluation

Each portfolio structure is periodically evaluated by an independent portfolio modeling service provider to verify that they are efficient from a risk-return perspective. This includes the task of timely portfolio design reviews to validate that the profile of a portfolio continues to meet its defined objectives. Through this process, an evaluation is carried out to determine if the asset class composition or geographic exposure of a portfolio should be adjusted or changed. If necessary, adjustments may be made to enhance the structure of a portfolio.

Independent Investment Specialists

We believe strongly in the concept of objective independence in money management. As such, we do not have any in-house investment specialists. Instead, we research a wide universe of potential candidates to select ideal specialists for each investment solution. Investment specialists are selected based on an analysis of their track record, expertise in a particular asset class or geographic region, investment style and risk management strategies.

Benefits of the Counsel Process

  • Disciplined process to design and structure investment solutions
  • Objective and independent process for the selection, monitoring, and if necessary, the replacement of investment specialists.  I
  • Access to world class investment specialist with strong long-term investment track records
  • Ability to combine investment specialists with various mandates and investment styles in order to minimize risk in your portfolio.
  • Rigorous monitoring to keep each investment specialist accountable for their performance relative to the markets and their peer group.
  • Comprehensive, yet easy to understand, quarterly reports.

The Counsel process supports your Advisor in helping you establish a sound intellectual framework so you can invest successfully over your lifetime.

Mutual funds sponsored by Counsel Portfolio Services Inc. are only qualified for sale in the provinces (except Quebec) and territories of Canada. Please read the fund’s Simplified Prospectus and speak to a Financial Advisor before investing.